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CODIE W&FI HP-S HP-W 2021 Data Breakthrough Awards

IntelligenceTM helps you close deals

Our proprietary network, Intelligence, connects revenue-facing professionals who can help each other and studies buyer activity across every sales touchpoint to learn how each buyer buys — transforming those interactions into invaluable insights, forecasts, and opportunity odds for sellers.

CRM data so clean it squeaks

Collective[i]'s Intelligent WriteBackTM solves the problem that has plagued sales leaders for decades: how to make your CRM a source of truth. Our proprietary technology automatically records every interaction between buyers and your selling team, even if they don’t have a CRM license. Intelligence updates contacts and data as deals progress or prospects change roles.

Forecast as if your future depends on it

The world changes every day. Your forecast should too. Wake up every morning to Collective[i]’s Intelligent ForecastTM and receive adaptive, probabilistic predictions around revenue that take into account sellers’ actions and buyers’ responses.

Agile selling, frictionless buying

Collective[i]’s Intelligent InsightsTM uses AI to help sellers navigate a world where buyers are in control. Our AI analyzes vast data sets of buying behavior to provide recommendations and coaching prompts that shorten deal cycles and improve win rates.

Achieve optimal performance

Make every sales professional a top performer. Every day, C[i] RecommendsTM surfaces the highest-value activities for each member of your sales organization, studying the highest producers to recommend the next and best actions for every user and opportunity.

See your pipeline for the first time

Now everyone — from the CEO to those on the front lines — can see what’s in the pipeline, with AI-enhanced assessments of pipeline health and opportunity odds, allowing managers to focus on coaching and improving outcomes.

Work together, win together

Deals are more complex than ever, with more buyers involved and who have higher expectations of service. Even minor delays in response times can cost you revenue. Collective[i]’s Virtual DealRoomsTM ensure that everyone is informed, aligned, and accountable.

Connections, the currency of sales

There’s a reason sales professionals prefer LinkedIn to CRM: Connections help close deals. Collective[i]’s ConnectorsTM take social selling and referrals to the next level. Our proprietary people graph surfaces valuable relationships from colleagues and professional networks to help even fully remote teams build credibility and close deals faster.

Our mission

Collective[i] is on a mission to modernize sales and fuel global prosperity through the power of technology, shared intelligence, and human connections.

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Our company

Join us in our mission to make the world a more intelligent place. We are hiring smart, motivated, and curious colleagues to bring their talent to our team. We offer great benefits and the flexibility to work from wherever works for you.

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Our network

Stay tuned for more news about Intelligence, the world’s first global social network designed for professionals focused on growing revenue for their companies.

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Our community

We believe in the power of shared intelligence and connection. Collective[i] hosts multiple affinity-based communities designed to build the knowledge and networks of our clients and valued partners.

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