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Seeing is believing.

With a relatively small time investment, we allow you to preview your data in Collective[i] at no cost. Collective[i]’s Launch Preview is designed to show you the power of Collective[i] before you commit to buying.

In just 2-4 weeks, you can get an assessment of the quality of data in your CRM, preview your forecast, assess pipeline health with the benefit of our platform, network, and AI. When you like what you see, no additional time investment is required to continue.

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Our most frequently asked questions.

Collective[i] is built for leadership teams that are focused on transformation and building an agile sales organization. This process starts with the elimination of time consuming and non-revenue producing tasks such as activity and contact capture, forecasting, pipeline health, CRM data hygiene, as  well as improved productivity and collaboration.
Providing access to public API’s is a simple and well established process, but for those who may have not done this before we provide an integration professional who can be on a call with your CRM administration to walk them through the process. Once data access is provided, Collective[i]’s team does the rest.
Collective[i] supports most major email providers including GSuite and O365. Custom integrations may be available upon request.

Collective[i] supports most major CRM providers including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot, ZoHo, SugarCRM. Custom integrations may be available upon request.

Yes. We have yet to come across a client that has comprehensive CRM data. One of the problems Collective[i] diagnoses and solves is identifying missing activities and contacts and automatically adding them into CRM.
Yes, you control access levels and can restrict users. The trade-off is that the fewer users provided, the longer it may take for the AI to spot patterns specific to your organization.
At Collective[i], our first priority is keeping your data private and secure.
To learn more see our Trust Center.