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Talent Optimization

Even with AI, people matter. A lot. Just ask Billy Beane. He leveraged data and human skill to change the way baseball was played.

The genius of Moneyball was Beane’s decision to leverage all of the data around outcomes to his team’s unique advantage. Collective[i] operates under the same philosophy. Our massive community allows Collective[i] to generate insights designed to support coaching as each and every opportunity unfolds.

Enter collective[i].

Instead of asking “What did you learn from that deal?”, Collective[i] enables managers to ask, “what can we do to increase our odds?” and “who else in this opportunity needs to up their game?”.

Whether it’s using Intelligent WriteBack™ to free up time for selling or leveraging a daily Intelligent Forecast™ to monitor performance with C[i] True Odds™, risks, and recommendations that guide daily activities or bringing it all together in a Virtual DealRooms™, Collective[i] provides the transparency and intelligence that supports winning teams.

In sales, like in baseball, teams are accountable for the outcome. Collective[i]’s insights take into account every action influencing a sale (the lawyers, sales engineers, resellers, pricing specialists, etc.) when combined with transparency around these activities holds the entire team accountable for the close.

Collective[i] optimizes talent in three critical areas:

Automation: Removing low value tasks to improve seller capacity

Augmentation: Improving human performance with transparency and insights to grow ACV and achieve higher win rates

Acceleration: Leveraging connections and community to accelerate sales velocity

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A platform built for modern selling.

Collective[i] provides the most comprehensive solution on the market for companies seeking to optimize revenue using AI, connections, and collaboration..

Where can we help you transform?

Intelligent WriteBack™

Automation that produces radical improvements in productivity. CRM activity and contact capture / Contact maintenance and enrichment.

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Intelligent Forecast™

Augmentation of human decision making with AI surfaced insights. Daily, automated, AI-enabled forecasting.

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C[i] Recommends™

Recommendations, risks, and alerts to guide focus.

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C[i] True Odds™

AI-generated opportunity odds to measure activity effectiveness.

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Recommended connections into to each and every buyer to support social selling.

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Virtual DealRooms™

Advanced collaboration to ensure alignment around buyers.

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Every company is talking transformation.

We can help you transform your data into powerful insights powered by AI.