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RevOps has seemingly taken the B2B business world by storm. To help RevOps professionals develop their skills in this new business function, RevOps communities have developed as a space to share knowledge. Learn more about why RevOps communities are so important and how to connect with them below.

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RevOps community

Though still a developing business process, revenue operations — or RevOps, for short — has taken the B2B business world by storm. A 2021 study by Forrester found that the use of centralized RevOps teams has grown from 15% in 2019 to 40% in 2021, illustrating a significant shift in the ways businesses are operating and strategizing around their revenue growth. What’s more, Gartner predicts that by 2025, three-fourths of the highest-growth companies in the world will have implemented a revenue operations model within their business structure. Clearly, companies are seeing the benefits of adopting a RevOps framework and hiring professionals who have the skills and savvy to perform the essential revenue operations tasks.

As with any professional practice, access to a high-quality community can help beginners and experts alike boost their skills. This is especially helpful for revenue operations, which is still defining itself as a business process and therefore comes with certain unknowns and challenges. Over the past few years, many RevOps communities have developed out of a need for professional development and knowledge sharing. This article will discuss the benefits of joining a RevOps community and share a list of 11 of the best revenue operations communities that exist.

But before exploring the benefits of joining a RevOps community, let’s refresh what RevOps professionals do and the challenges they face, as well as what is included in a revenue operations department.

What does RevOps do?

Revenue operations is a business process that is charged with maximizing the revenue potential of a company. This is done by aligning the work of sales, marketing, and customer success teams. Alignment between these revenue-generating and customer-facing teams can lead to better internal communication, more unified goals, and full-funnel accountability — all of which may ultimately add up to more revenue.

The alignment of revenue-generating teams is important because increasingly, more and more B2B companies are shifting to a subscription model — nearly one-third of businesses prefer subscriptions that are only a year long, according to Gartner — making the role of revenue-generating teams even more essential. It puts added pressure on customer success and marketing teams to not only provide excellent service to companies who are up for renewal but also develop materials that show the continuous ROI of a product.

In other words, RevOps is important because sales is no longer the team generating all of a company’s revenue. Each of the customer-facing teams must understand each other’s roles and work together to create a cohesive revenue-generating unit. Tools driven by artificial intelligence (AI) can help with that. For example, Collective[i]’s Virtual DealRoomsTM provides a dedicated space where every stakeholder of a deal can work together more efficiently and effectively.

What is included in revenue operations?

The work of RevOps teams can be divided into four main categories: operations management, sales enablement, analysis and insights, and operations technology.

Operations management

Operations management focuses on big-picture strategic planning and maximizing day-to-day team processes. Additionally, operations management is tasked with the alignment of departments to ensure that every customer interaction, no matter who handles it, is aligned with company goals and messaging.

Sales enablement

Sales enablement focuses on providing sellers and other teams the tools and training they need to remove friction or barriers from sales. This might mean organizing departmental training sessions or determining what the sales team needs from marketing and customer success teams to move deals more quickly.

Analysis and insights

Analysis and insights focuses on reviewing data and reporting it to stakeholders, department heads, and department employees. This information is generally about which strategies are effective, which aren’t, and how to achieve better results. For example, Collective[i]’s Intelligent InsightsTM analyzes and replicates the work of top sellers to create an optimized daily to-do list of the next and best actions.

Operations technology

Operations technology focuses on identifying new technology solutions, integrating them into existing products, and maintaining a company’s RevOps tech stack to ensure everyone can access what they need to successfully perform their job. Collective[i]’s AI-enabled, end-to-end solution may be of interest to tech teams looking to adopt a single platform rather than stringing together a series of point solutions.

What are the challenges of RevOps?

RevOps professionals regularly face myriad challenges because revenue operations best practices and industry standards are still being developed. Here’s an overview of the most common obstacles revenue operations professionals face:

  • Revenue operations and sales enablement leaders have been tasked with bringing their organizations into the modern age, which is a complex and daunting task that requires buy-in and input from the entire company.
  • RevOps leaders are charged with big-picture strategy, but they often struggle to find the time to get out of the weeds to prioritize big-picture planning, especially if they work for businesses that have relatively small revenue operations teams.
  • Because RevOps uses AI to perform advanced sales forecasting, RevOps teams are making plans for the business based on numbers that haven’t come in yet — so finance and accounting departments don’t have access to those numbers and can’t “confirm” them.
  • Selecting the right tools to fulfill multiple teams’ needs is a responsibility that’s usually placed on revenue operations. However, adopting new technology can be a lengthy process that requires buy-in from many stakeholders within the organization.
  • Perhaps most important, RevOps leaders are defining their role as they go — a task that requires the ability to adapt on the fly. Revenue operations is still defining itself as a standard profession, so it may look different depending on the company and industry.

Fortunately, RevOps communities support one another while working through all these challenges.

What are the benefits of a RevOps community?

A RevOps community is essentially a community of practice where like-minded RevOps professionals can connect and learn from one another. As with any community of practice, participants may realize many benefits by joining a RevOps community or two. Here are some of the most important advantages to joining:

Find mentorship and support

A RevOps community can be an excellent place to connect with RevOps experts, gain insights, ask for support in troubleshooting issues — e.g., tips for departmental alignment — and more. Many RevOps communities offer the opportunity for members to connect with a mentor or mentee, ask advice from experts, or simply have a casual conversation with someone about an issue they’re facing.

Professional development opportunities

Many revenue operations communities sponsor webinars, conferences, classes, meet-ups, and other forms of professional development to connect their members with knowledge, resources, and cutting-edge products like RevOps software. For example, a RevOps community may present on how Collective[i]’s Predictive PipelinesTM helps teams view current deals in the pipeline and determine what resources — if any — can be provided by marketing and customer success teams to help the sales team move them along.

Uncover new ideas

Members often share stories, best practices, revenue operations strategies, and advice for day-to-day revenue operations responsibilities in addition to how they developed a RevOps framework at their company. Finding a community can help members generate ideas or valuable insights that they can bring back to their own company.

Learn about new RevOps tools

Because the world of revenue operations is still so new, tools and products to support RevOps teams are being released fairly regularly, and teams are finding new ways to use their existing solutions to support their new structure. In a RevOps community, members can share insights about the RevOps software and RevOps tools they’re using to increase efficiency and drive revenue. For example, Collective[i]’s Intelligent WriteBackTM automates CRM data capture, which can eliminate human errors that come with the manual logging of information and provide teams with more time to focus on leads and current customers.

Build RevOps jobs connections

While connection tools like Linkedin are still valuable assets for posting an open position or finding a new job, RevOps communities often offer job boards to connect members with high-quality employers who have open RevOps positions. Rather than having to sift through hundreds of job postings on generic websites, members can feel confident that the job postings in a RevOps community are quality because they’ve been vetted by the community. And employers know their positions will get in front of RevOps professionals who will be a good fit for the role.

List of RevOps communities

To help RevOps professionals better connect with revenue operations communities that can help them build knowledge and deploy new techniques at their company, Collective[i] developed a list of communities for revenue operations professionals to consider joining, including its own RevOps community: Special Ops.

In addition to the list below, companies that are just starting out with their RevOps framework may benefit from starting their own internal RevOps community for employees in marketing, sales, customer success, and the newly formed RevOps department to internally promote alignment and share knowledge that can benefit the entire company. The following RevOps communities are free to join unless otherwise specified:

Special Ops

Run by Collective[i], Special Ops is a global community of revenue operations and sales enablement leaders sharing insights and ideas. Through its worldwide network, Special Ops holds virtual gatherings for its members to learn from one another. Recently, it honored the top 100 RevOps leaders of 2021, celebrating the successes of professionals in the industry who are leading the way in defining and refining the unique work of revenue operations teams.


Bravado is a B2B sales community that boasts a membership of over 130,000. Bravado helps members build their sales portfolio, connect with like-minded B2B peers, and get access to jobs with high-quality employers in the B2B space. Bravado also has an app for easy access on the go.

The Growth Ops Community

The Growth Ops Community is a nonprofit dedicated to helping revenue operations professionals connect, elevate, and unify through best practices, news, and trends. This RevOps community hosts events, maintains a blog, and has a dedicated RevOps Linkedin group and Slack channel for members to join.


Social media applications like LinkedIn also have many opportunities to join private RevOps groups to share knowledge, discuss ideas, get connected to professional development opportunities, and access job postings. RevOps professionals can also use Linkedin to find and follow revenue operations experts in their field to hear their ideas. LinkedIn is a freemium model of social media, where the basic access is free but additional features require payment.


MasterOps markets itself as the “premier marketing ops community.” It provides its members access to courses, resources, a Slack channel, and more to help build knowledge and expand their confidence. Master courses are available for members with top names in the RevOps community, and both in-person and virtual-events are available.

Modern Sales Pros

Modern Sales Pros is a RevOps community focused on providing professionals with access to high-quality revenue operations information and events. With over 18,000 members, it provides peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, in-person and virtual events, a job board, and more.


MoPros is a marketing operations group that can also provide insight into day-to-day revenue operations work. MoProfs offers an operations jobs board, the opportunity to connect with professionals, and “ask me anything” sessions to learn about cutting-edge best practices. It does cost to join MoPros, but membership fees go toward scholarships for professional development.


RevGenius has over 16,000 members; it provides its members the opportunities to build relationships and network, attend curated events, share and learn from best practices in revenue operations, join roundtable discussions, find a mentor or mentee, and access to the RevOps knowledge center. Both online and offline events are available, and a Slack channel is available as well.

RevOps Co-op

The RevOps Co-Op offers a private Slack group, a mentorship program, and a RevOps blog with information about all aspects of revenue operations. With over 2,900 members, RevOps Co-Op provides mentorship and a weekly RevOps newsletter to receive blog posts, videos, interviews with revenue operations leaders, and more.

The Systemic Community

The Systemic Community is an operations group open to professionals in business systems, sales operations, revenue operations, and marketing operations. It provides a Google Group for members to discuss problems and best practices, share information about new RevOps tools, and discuss hacks for remote work. The Systemic Community is free to join but is invitation only.

Wizard of Ops

Wizard of Ops is a RevOps community that offers private online networking, workshops, webinars, member reviews, and a dedicated Slack channel to help members connect. WizOps also provides a jobs board to help members connect with RevOps opportunities.

With the support of a RevOps community and intelligent technology — such as Collective[i]'s SaaS and community — revenue operations (RevOps) professionals tackle the challenges of their roles and responsibilities.

To learn more about how Collective[i] can help your team unlock new insights and drive revenue, reach out today.

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