End-to-end digital sales transformation

AI-enabled digital sales transformation has three key components: automation, augmentation, and acceleration. We automate non-revenue producing tasks and capture data that leads to a precise, dynamic forecast. We augment human judgment to improve how sales teams manage revenue and bring focus to what will yield the highest ROI. Our platform also provides collaboration tools, insights, and valuable buyer connections to accelerate sales cycles and grow revenue.

End-to-end digital sales transformation

Our technology

AI is transforming how we work and live. AI-first companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have embraced this technology, recognizing the critical role it plays in staying competitive. We’re bringing the power of true AI to sales and revenue management. Our applications leverage everything from Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to advanced deep learning techniques to help sales teams unlock new insights, personal connections, and revenue.

Our solution

Collective[i]® adds a critical layer of intelligence to transform CRM and everyday tools into a state-of-the-art, agile, buyer-centric sales stack. We pool sales activities from CRM, traditional work tools, and our vast network to provide teams with the highest-quality insights to drive sales.

Our clients have 24/7 access to clean CRM data, instantly updated contacts, daily adaptive forecasts, opportunity odds, pipeline visibility, predictive leaderboards, risk alerts, coaching prompts, the next and best actions, collaboration tools, and a referral network sourced from colleagues and professional connections. It’s all enhanced with the most sophisticated AI on the market.

Our network

Traditional sales technology learns only from your company’s historic data. At Collective[i], we study the market, analyzing buying and selling behavior at scale to make the most relevant and valuable recommendations for our clients. Our approach is the same as leading intelligent applications like Waze, Amazon, and LinkedIn. We leverage data, communities, and connections to generate invaluable insights and buying experiences.

IntelligenceTM, the powerful network behind our technology

Collective[i] is in the business of sharing intelligence — both artificial and human. That’s why we call our network Intelligence. We connect people who can help each other and augment those relationships with knowledge about how buyers buy. We study everything from data to crowd-sourced community knowledge to produce insights that improve seller win rates and the customer’s journey.

Intelligence<sup>TM</sup>, the powerful network behind our technology
Intelligent WriteBack<sup>TM</sup>

Intelligent WriteBackTM

Intelligent WriteBack (IWB) automates CRM data capture from any tool sellers use, to eliminate the need for manual logging. It can also capture data from approved non-CRM users, like members of your legal team or a reseller, to keep customer contacts up-to-date. IWB cleanses and enriches CRM data and contacts, for productivity gains of 15-20% (depending on the level of rigor we replace). IWB also helps clients comply with data privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA.

Intelligent WriteBack<sup>TM</sup>
Intelligent Forecast<sup>TM</sup>

Intelligent ForecastTM

Developed by a team of leading data scientists, Intelligent Forecast is the first automated, daily, and adaptive forecast on the market. It uses AI to remove bias, time, and human error from the forecasting process. We augment traditional signals such as stages, activity levels, and seller confidence with Intelligence’s vast network of dynamic market data. Say goodbye to “Forecast Fridays.” According to SiriusDecisions, this time-consuming, error-ridden process has led 79% of sales organizations to miss their forecasts by more than 10%. Instead, receive updates, recommendations, and risk alerts — along with our forecast — that allow your organization to act swiftly and change outcomes for the better.

Intelligent Forecast<sup>TM</sup>
Intelligent Insights<sup>TM</sup>

Intelligent InsightsTM

We provide every seller with an optimized daily to-do list of the next and best actions. Using AI/ML, we replicate the judgment of your top performers, to guide all sellers’ attention where it will make the most impact. Intelligent Insights also include opportunity odds, recommended buyers, risk alerts, and more.

C[i] Recommends<sup>TM</sup>

C[i] RecommendsTM

Today, the top 20% of sales professionals generate 80% of revenue. Collective[i] studies top performers across the Intelligence network to surface which activities are most likely to have an outsized impact on outcomes. With C[i] Recommends, users receive a daily list of recommended actions, news, risk alerts, and more to drive the best results throughout the organization.

C[i] Recommends<sup>TM</sup>
Predictive Pipelines<sup>TM</sup>

Predictive PipelinesTM

Now sales managers can always know where their team is focused. Predictive Pipelines provide sales leaders with on-demand inspection capabilities and pipeline health assessments. Sales managers can review pipelines and provide critical information to agile sales teams without diminishing selling time. Transparency promotes better collaboration amongst sales, marketing, and customer success to improve outcomes. We augment our analyses with recommendations for coaching opportunities.

Predictive Pipelines<sup>TM</sup>
Virtual DealRooms<sup>TM</sup>

Virtual DealRoomsTM

Modern sales are increasingly complex and fast-paced, with more stakeholders than ever. Sales professionals and managers face an impossible task managing endless communication channels and relationships. While collaboration tools like email and Slack are useful, they are simply not enough. In Virtual DealRooms, every member of the selling team can review buyer activity to coordinate timely and effective responses together — no CRM license required. Lawyers can negotiate contracts. Marketing can support the sales journey. Sales can talk to multiple stakeholders. Everyone is informed, accountable, and armed with AI-driven recommendations, to help align activities with optimal execution.



Social selling is more than just posting on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It should involve leveraging your network of relationships for warm introductions and to share experiences with different buying organizations and people. According to IDC, 73% of executives prefer to work with someone they know and research from the Wharton School of Business shows that the lifetime value of referred customers is, on average, 16% higher than that of non-referred customers. Connectors is a powerful new way to surface the people in your company and professional networks who have meaningful relationships with each and every prospect in this new era of remote work.



My CRM and/or my data is a mess. Can I still use Intelligent WriteBackTM and/or Collective[i]®?

Absolutely. At launch, Collective[i] will deploy our Intelligence DiagnosticTM. It unearths blind spots, missing contacts, and other legacy issues that have prevented you from getting the full value of your CRM investment. Then we’ll connect to the digital technologies your sales, marketing, and client success teams use to communicate with prospects and customers — forever fixing the data quality issues that have plagued CRM users for decades. Collective[i] ensures that, going forward, all the data we capture is clean, comprehensive, and accurate. We do this all without sacrificing productivity or taking time away from selling.

We’ve had adoption issues in the past. What change management is necessary for Collective[i] to be successful?

There is no change required to use Intelligent WriteBack and Intelligent ForecastTM — unless your team actually enjoys CRM data entry or “Forecast Fridays.” Sales professionals can carry on work while activities and contacts are automatically logged into your CRM. For Collective[i]’s more advanced features, we recommend you align your plans and processes with the optimization opportunities our application provides. This investment is well worth it. Digital sales transformation pays dividends by dramatically improving win rates, ROI, and buyer happiness.

What CRM and email providers do you support?

Collective[i] supports all major providers including SFDC, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Outlook, and GSuite. We also support other solutions, including on-premise and home-grown. Contact us to discuss your stack and how it will integrate with Collective[i].

Different divisions in my company use different instances and/or providers for CRM. Is that an issue?

Not a problem. Collective[i] can pull data from multiple CRM instances or providers. Your entire organization will have access to the same level of insights. They can also share knowledge and see where people across divisions are working with similar buyers. Collective[i] empowers everyone with AI-derived insights and critical sales intelligence, regardless of the tools in your sales stack.

What if I don’t have a CRM?

While the majority of our clients have a CRM, Collective[i] can function on its own for sales, client success, and marketing teams to gain insights from our network. Contact us for more information.

When is the right time to start digital sales transformation?

Yesterday. In today’s world, innovation waits for no one. Every industry and company is at risk for disruption — often from non-traditional competitors. It’s essential to bring immediate focus to modernizing how your sales team operates. While the idea of starting a digital sales transformation can be daunting, the opportunity cost of doing nothing far outweighs the effort of getting your sales organization up-to-speed.

We have tried other providers who claim to provide AI — with marginal results. How is Collective[i] different?

In the world of AI, three things matter when it comes to data. First, diversity, meaning a large-enough sample size. Second, dynamism, meaning frequent updates to data that unearth evolving patterns. And third, relevance, as in clean, unbiased data from which to draw accurate correlations. Many providers rely on your company’s sales history alone to generate insights. The number of interactions with any given buyer is too small, reliant on CRM, and biased by what sellers have chosen to report. Only Collective[i]'s Intelligent WriteBackTM and IntelligenceTM network adds the voice of the buyer to your sales history. We built and trained our algorithms to provide insights beyond what you can get from your CRM and add-on software.

What size company or type of sale is best suited for Collective[i]?

Every company needs insights, and all buyers expect the kind of personalized interactions that require more informed sellers. Intelligence helps every sales organization align their activities with buyers and optimize outcomes. For companies with short sales cycles, we provide access to opportunity odds that narrow the team’s focus on those that increase ROI and win rates. For companies with larger deals and longer cycles, we manage complexity, helping you avoid a lack of coordination that leads to massive opportunity loss.

How do I get started?

Getting started is as easy as granting access to the right data. Our application leverages the tools you already use via standard APIs. It can be implemented for licensed users within a few weeks. If you have home-grown or other non-standard work tools, our client services team will develop a plan to get your systems plugged into Intelligence.

How does Collective[i]’s AI work?

We use multiple forms of AI across our products. Intelligent WriteBack uses Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which automates repeatable tasks normally done by humans. Intelligent Forecast, Virtual Pipeline Review, and C[i] RecommendsTM use more sophisticated forms of AI, like machine learning, deep learning, and different neural network approaches.

Do you work with international companies?

Yes. We are a global company that supports clients worldwide in local languages and currencies.

What applications can we connect to Collective[i]?

We connect with almost any work tool your sellers routinely use — email, calendar, VOIP, e-signature, etc. — as well as CRM. For more details on integrations with on-premise or home-grown solutions, please contact us.

Can you share an example of an insight unique to Collective[i]?

Our Intelligence network is our key differentiator. It adds the voice of the buyer to every feature we offer. With Intelligence, you can personalize your approach and align your processes with buyer preferences. This could include recommendations to add someone to a buying team or opportunity odds assessments. In addition to automatically updating contacts, adjusting forecasts, and calculating daily win rates, we also study buyers. That allows us to provide timely recommendations that improve relationships and transaction outcomes. Collective[i]’s ConnectorsTM also surfaces recommendations for colleagues and professional contacts who can serve as references, offer personal introductions, or help navigate a buyer’s internal politics.

What added value does Collective[i] provide beyond AI technologies that just uses our CRM data?

Collective[i] amplifies the efforts of your sales team throughout the sales process. We make it easy for new team members (even data novices) to leverage buying patterns. Intelligence surfaces buyer-specific insights that allow sellers to create more personalized buying experiences. These richer insights rely on real-time movements and market news to help your sales team focus on the right opportunities, activities, and people at the right time.

Do I need Intelligent WriteBack if I have technology that copies information to CRM?

Yes. Only Intelligent WriteBack consistently, accurately, and completely captures all communications between selling and buying teams. While many tools capture activity associated with a CRM user’s technology, many people involved in a sale may not have a CRM license — or they may operate outside your organization, like resellers, external counsel, etc. Our network ensures contacts in your CRM are always current and up-to-date.

With Intelligent WriteBack, what data can be synced between Collective[i] and CRM?

Intelligent WriteBack can capture and sync any digital data that identifies a buyer associated with an opportunity, including email, calendar invites, e-signatures, and more.

How is Collective[i]’s Intelligent Forecast better than traditional forecasting?

Traditional forecasting is based on opinion (“commits”) and history. Yet weighing human perception of what will close against the accuracy of past perceptions is a weak predictor of future outcomes. The process of collecting information is also an issue: It’s incredibly time-consuming. Even if everything else is automated, asking your team to make predictions takes away their time to talk to prospects. (Don’t believe us? Ask a salesperson how they really feel about the process.) This outdated approach can cost your team up to a full day of selling, reducing sales productivity by as much as 20%. Collective[i] delivers an infinitely superior alternative. Our system provides a one-click forecast that’s updated every day with an AI/ML analysis of both historical data and current market conditions. We swap out “commits” for science and probabilistic predictions based on internal and external data. The result is a much more accurate forecast that allows a sales organization to save time and dynamically adapt to changing conditions.

If we remove “commits” from the forecasting process, how will we instill a culture of accountability?

In short, transparency is a much better way to hold people accountable than a forecast. Done right, the conversation between salespeople and their managers should center on addressing issues together — not why a prediction was wrong. With Collective[i], there is no way to hide opportunities that have gone off the rails.

Moreover, a culture of accountability should not be limited to sales. Everyone in the organization should be accountable for revenue, not just those on the front lines. That’s why Collective[i] provides visibility into every customer touchpoint, whether it was done by a sales professional, lawyer, pricing analyst, sales engineer, VAR, or marketer. We aim to incentivize the entire organization to leverage every opportunity to improve the customer journey.

How does Collective[i]’s Connectors surface colleagues and professional connections who can be helpful in closing deals?

Collective[i]'s AI looks for data signals that assess the strength and depth of relationships. It goes beyond human decisions to connect, such as LinkedIn requests. We rank Connectors by the strength of their connections to a specific buyer and present them to every member of the selling team.

How do you approach data privacy?

Very seriously. Our first priority is keeping user data private and secure. The two core philosophies of data minimization and client control consistently inform how our team — from engineering to client success — builds our product and handles client data. We also put control in your hands. Customers choose which CRM fields and email inboxes to provide via secure API access, which can be turned off from any data source at any time. We are GDPR and CCPA compliant and have achieved SOC 2 Type II certification. Some of our features even enhance data privacy compliance by ensuring that contacts entered into CRM are active prospects. For more information, please visit our Trust Center.

Do I have "the right to be forgotten" with Collective[i]?

Yes. We are serious about privacy and honor all requests to be removed from our network. We follow best practices for GDPR compliance when requests are submitted. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

Can we integrate our sales process into Collective[i]?

Yes. Our system is configurable to sync with your sales process and stage designations. With Collective[i], you can improve your existing processes by optimizing and personalizing each buyer’s journey.

Does Collective[i] support sales frameworks like MEDDPIC?

Collective[i] supports existing sales processes and improves seller knowledge and execution. You can track methodologies like MEDDPIC (and others) with precision and then augment them with recommended actions.

What about tool overload? Will this add to the technology my sales team already manages?

We eliminate complexity and non-revenue producing tasks, replacing them with insights that fuel success. Like Slack, LinkedIn, and email, Collective[i] is intuitive and helps users save time and make money. Put another way, there are tools that create work, not revenue. Collective[i] creates revenue with less work. We are a valuable tool that works within your existing stack to help sellers get back to selling.

What kind of ROI can I expect?

We improve every aspect of the sales process, offering a 98.6% forecast accuracy and productivity gains starting at 20% — just to name a few. We would also be happy to connect you with other references who can share their experiences.

Does Collective[i] replace CRM?

No, though you can set up and manage opportunities directly in our application that will sync back to your CRM. Collective[i] uses CRM as a database to understand what is in your pipeline and sales history. From this, our network and AI provide unique insights to optimize selling outcomes.