November 16, 2020

Written by

Tony Baer, ZDNet

Collective[i]: How the FAANG companies inspired a B2B sales solution

It’s a sign of the times that it’s practically taken for granted when we hear about applications incorporating AI into their solutions. But when the company was founded back in 2012, Collective[i], short for Collective Intelligence, it was one of the first to tread that path. At the time, as the world was getting infatuated with big data, Internet giants like Amazon, Google, and Netflix were perfecting their approaches to applying neural networks and other machine learning approaches to propel their core businesses to dominance, and that’s where the company got its inspiration.

Collective[i] picks up where CRM, sales force automation, and customer journey solutions leave off to optimize the last mile: providing a cloud-based SaaS solution helping B2B businesses with predictive and prescriptive analytics to close the sale. CRM tracks customer interactions, as captured by internal transaction systems, while customer journey solutions approach the problem from the opposite perspective: what are the paths that companies open to their customers, and how are their customers navigating them. Meanwhile, sales force automation, traditionally part of CRM, manages the workflows for handling sales leads, forecasts, and tracking team performance.

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