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CRM Data Quality

Modernizing a sales organization starts with a foundation of great data.


And yet, despite best efforts, companies find themselves wanting for quality data.

Whether it’s due to a lack of rigor, the Great Reshuffle, acquisitions, legacy or multiple instances/providers in one company, or a myriad of other reasons, organizations find omissions, errors, and stale data polluting their CRM database.

Enter collective[i].

Using Intelligent WriteBack™, activities and contacts are automatically captured, cleansed, and updated while sellers work.

The results are staggering. Following launch, our clients, on average, recover between 40-90% of missing activities and contacts. Plus, with an intelligence boost from the Collective[i] Network™, contacts are updated whenever a buyer changes roles or company.

Some of the benefits unique to Collective[i] include:

Data enrichment from Collective[i]’s community of buyers and sellers

Auto-capture of sellers and buyers as they enter a sale

Activities and contacts associated down to the opportunity level

Dynamic updates of contacts as they change roles

Some of the leaders
in our network

A platform built for modern selling.

Collective[i] provides the most comprehensive solution on the market for companies seeking to optimize revenue using AI, connections, and collaboration..

Where can we help you transform?

Intelligent WriteBack™

Automation that produces radical improvements in productivity. CRM activity and contact capture / Contact maintenance and enrichment.

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Intelligent Forecast™

Augmentation of human decision making with AI surfaced insights. Daily, automated, AI-enabled forecasting.

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C[i] Recommends™

Recommendations, risks, and alerts to guide focus.

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C[i] True Odds™

AI-generated opportunity odds to measure activity effectiveness.

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Recommended connections into to each and every buyer to support social selling.

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Virtual DealRooms™

Advanced collaboration to ensure alignment around buyers.

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Every company is talking transformation.

We can help you transform your data into powerful insights powered by AI.