November 26, 2021

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What are sales activities?

Sales activities are the actions sellers take to drive leads into and down the sales pipeline. Examples of sales activities include contacting new and existing customers, pitching products or services, and following up to provide information and insights to leads.

But not all sales activities are created equal. Especially when it comes to prospecting, follow-up, and relationship management, taking the right action at the right time makes all the difference between a closed deal and a lost opportunity. Winning at sales means understanding what sales activities are and how they can move the needle.

What are B2B sales activities?

According to a report by Dun & Bradstreet, there are certain key activities that support an account-based approach to sales and marketing at a B2B firm. Here are the top five B2B sales and marketing activities at the companies surveyed:

  • 85% send email
  • 76% schedule 1:1 meetings with prospects and clients
  • 66% engage with audiences on social media
  • 60% personalize content based on buyer insights and behavior
  • 57% host workshops and private events

These activities may fall under the responsibility of sales, or they may be achieved through alignment between sales, marketing, and customer success to drive revenue at every touchpoint.

How can you improve sales activities?

Improving sales activities means performing them with more efficiency and achieving better outcomes. Thanks to emerging innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning, sales professionals are now closing more deals because they have real-time analytics that offer insights into buyer behavior. Let’s look at how sales activities are improved through artificial intelligence, automation, and networked data:

Traditional daily activities of a salesperson

AI-enabled daily activities of a salesperson

  • Get data-backed advice about when to contact a lead and what channel the lead prefers
  • Consider smart predictions about which factors might be delaying a deal
  • See insights about the key new connections in your network
  • Learn about buyer behaviors that may signal a deal is dead
  • Collaborate with legal and customer success in one online portal
  • Base decisions off of automated CRM updates that feature insights from unstructured data

Collective[i] helps our users achieve all these benefits of AI sales enablement through a number of features, including:

  • Intelligent InsightsTM: An optimized list of daily recommended activities to guide seller’s attention where it can make the most impact
  • Virtual DealRoomsTM: A digital collaboration channel where sales, marketing, customer success, and legal can all view and act on a buyer’s activity
  • ConnectorsTM: A social selling enablement feature that helps sales professionals seek out warm introductions and build meaningful relationships

These features don’t just enable better sales, they also more efficiently generate revenue.

What are sales support activities?

Sales support is the work of qualifying leads to give sellers greater confidence that their deals will close, and of giving customers a great experience after their purchase. Marketing and customer support are two of the most essential departments that provide sales support activities.

Marketing sets the tone with the customers from their first visit to a company’s website or social media channel, while customer success preserves the relationship and aligns customers’ experience with their expectations.

Both departments also play a role in lead generation. Marketing campaigns attract new customers and reengage existing clients, while customer success teams can alert sales reps to risks and potential opportunities to upsell to existing customers.

Another sales support activity is product training: In B2B SaaS sales, a salesperson’s ability to describe the product and its capabilities accurately is key to successfully engaging with clients.

Collective[i] makes B2B sales planning simple

B2B sales planning means choosing a company’s target audiences, then determining strategies to grow meaningful relationships with those audiences and sell with authenticity. At a high level, B2B sales planning is when sellers identify the sales activities that will deliver the best experience to buyers and help deals close faster.

Increasing the efficiency and efficacy of B2B sales planning is our mission. Explore Collective[i] today to see how this platform can transform your sales processes.

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