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How much do revenue operations managers make?

Revenue operations managers are an essential part of a revenue operations team structure. Often, the better a RevOps manager is at their job — helping the company increase efficiency and grow revenue — the more money the manager makes.

Let’s review the revenue operations responsibilities that fall to a manager and how the salary of a RevOps manager reflects the importance of this work.

Revenue operations manager job description

A revenue operations manager looks for strategies to grow revenue and then leads the way. That means the focus of a RevOps manager is on efficiencies, improvements, and new strategies in departments such as sales, marketing, and customer support.

Each of these departments plays a role in generating revenue, but historically, their operations have been independent and often have conflicted. According to research by LinkedIn, marketing and sales routinely consult different data sets about the same accounts. Not sharing data between the two departments is one of the leading historical barriers to growing revenue. Plus, LinkedIn also discovered that B2B marketing and sales teams only target the same customer audiences about 23% of the time. That means marketing is sending sales leads they don’t want, which wastes all the effort the marketing team put into recruiting prospects. It also means sellers aren’t sharing the same information with prospects as marketing staff are, and customer support ends up trying to fix the discrepancies between the two when it’s already too late.

With a revenue operations manager on the team, these silos break down, making space for collaboration, shared goals, and shared information. For instance, if a seller’s records about a prospective deal are automatically updated every time the buyer views marketing material on the website, that lets the seller know the deal still has potential. The seller can then take a more meaningful action based on an improved understanding of the buyer’s behavior, like following up to see if the buyer has any remaining questions. This personalization gives the buyer a better experience and makes a deal more likely to close.

That simplified, streamlined process is powered by the work of revenue operations managers who help revenue-impacting departments work better together. The good news for revenue operations managers is that they don’t have to manually collect information from departments to achieve these outcomes. Intelligent platforms like Collective[i] are tailor-made to support revenue operations managers in their end-to-end transformation of the revenue process. Consider these features:

  • Intelligent WriteBackTM, which automatically updates the sales team’s CRM based on data collected from email, chat windows, social media, and more. This automation saves time, increases data accuracy, and keeps all the account’s data in one place.
  • C[i] RecommendsTM, which provides insights and actions to move the right deals forward at the right time. It analyzes the top performers across the IntelligenceTM network to deliver daily recommended activities about which sales activities will achieve the most benefit, AI-generated prompts, and reminders to engage with buyers.
  • Predictive PipelinesTM, which gives revenue operations managers and sales managers a high-level look at the deals in the pipeline and the actions each seller is taking to win new business. This transparency allows more real-time, actionable collaboration among the revenue-impacting departments.

Part of the revenue operations manager job description is identifying solutions like Collective[i] that make revenue generation easier and more authentic for sellers.

Average salary for revenue operations manager jobs

As of October 11, 2021, the average revenue operations manager salary is $83,260 a year, according to Glassdoor. The annual salary range for revenue operations managers runs from $49,000 to $142,000. Several factors influence the starting salary for a revenue operations manager, including their experience and education, the size of the employer, the surrounding job market, the local cost of living, and more.

Make revenue operations easy with Collective[i]

The role of RevOps manager is just one of the revenue operations job titles that offer professionals job growth and a competitive salary. With a platform like Collective[i], revenue operations leaders can take on their roles with confidence and help all departments achieve success. Explore Collective[i] and see its transformative potential for yourself.

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