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CRM activity and contact capture / Contact maintenance and enrichment.
Daily, automated, AI-enabled forecasting.
Recommendations, risks, and alerts to
guide focus.
AI-generated opportunity odds to measure activity effectiveness.
Recommended connections into to each and every buyer to support social selling.

Advanced collaboration to ensure alignment around buyers.

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A platform designed for agile sales execution. Collective[i] addresses the root causes of issues standing in the way of revenue growth.
Collective[i] provides the most comprehensive solution on the market for companies seeking to optimize revenue using AI, connections, and collaboration.
Picture a world where all of the challenges of selling… Are converted into advantages.

What is collective[i]?

Collective[i] enables end-to-end sales transformation from process driven, top down management to agile and hyper efficient organizations able to adapt to the modern age. We work leading sales organizations who recognize that AI has the potential to radically improve productivity, forecasting accuracy, win rates, sales velocity, as well as facilitate the collaboration and referrals that grow revenue. We leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning in the B2B sector in the hopes of mitigating the economic volatility caused by lack of insights around (and therefore adaptation to) changes in market conditions and buying behavior.

Simply put, in less than a month, our technology will convert a traditional sales stack into an intelligence engine designed to optimize revenue.

Think of us like you would Nest combined with temperature control or Waze combined with GPS. These modern applications do more than just heat our homes or give directions. They help their users operate more efficiently and reach their destination faster.

Like Nest and Waze, Collective[i] uses various forms of artificial intelligence and community to augment the data captured in CRM. We provide an operating system that allows for the application of more advanced forms of AI that can identify threats and opportunities to revenue growth quickly. Our model is to leverage data, insights, community, and connection to share this intelligence as a means to enable greater individual and collective prosperity for our users.


Why is Collective[i] essential?

To compete in the post-Covid age requires an unprecedented level of speed and precision. With hybrid work, the breathtaking pace of change, globalization, and economic volatility, selling has never been more complex. Sales is facing the headwinds of declining inbound, larger buying teams, and buyers who expect their human interactions to be personalized and high value. Our clients want to remove low value tasks, increase time spent coaching, enable collaboration, and arm their teams with the kind of intelligence that makes adaptation and personalization possible. They are transitioning from the rigid, top down sales management techniques of the past that leave sellers less than 30% of their time to interact with buyers. The symptoms of this problem are evident in declining win rates, longer sales cycles, and high levels of attrition. Quite simply, our community recognizes that the old way of managing revenue is unsustainable. Collective[i] is a foundational technology for the modern sales organization. We recognize that time and human connection are invaluable assets and leverage artificial intelligence to maximize both. Some problems we solve include:
  • Low seller productivity
  • Lack of transparency around the buying experience
  • CRM data quality
  • Contact management
  • Revenue forecasting
  • Poor collaboration between sales and other functions such as marketing
  • Pipeline health
  • Relationship mapping
  Collective[i] is mission critical to any organizations looking to improve forecasting, reduce seller attrition, enable transparent, proactive, and collaborative execution, enhance productivity, provide a rich buying experience, and grow revenue.

Our mission[i]

Collective[i] is on a mission to make our individual users and company clients more prosperous through Collective Intelligence. Our model is designed to bring transparency, community, and mission critical insights to our clients and individual users. Whether the source is machines or humans, Collective[i]’s technology is designed to expand opportunity by expanding intelligence and human connection. We enable the speed and agility that is essential to winning in a world where change is the only constant.

Our goal is to mitigate the human costs (eg, layoffs, burnout, underinvestment in human capital) that accompany environments operating without a compass in highly volatile markets. These organizations lack the ability to assess the impact of market shifts on revenue. Relying on opinion and bias, they make mistakes and miss opportunities that have dire consequences for the people who rely on their decisions.

Every company is talking transformation.

We can help you transform your data into powerful insights powered by AI.

Together with our community, Collective[i] is
building a world where together we win more.