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CRM activity and contact capture / Contact maintenance and enrichment.
Daily, automated, AI-enabled forecasting.
Recommendations, risks, and alerts to
guide focus.
AI-generated opportunity odds to measure activity effectiveness.
Recommended connections into to each and every buyer to support social selling.

Advanced collaboration to ensure alignment around buyers.

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A platform designed for agile sales execution. Collective[i] addresses the root causes of issues standing in the way of revenue growth.
Collective[i] provides the most comprehensive solution on the market for companies seeking to optimize revenue using AI, connections, and collaboration.
Picture a world where all of the challenges of selling… Are converted into advantages.

Intelligent WriteBack™

Automation that produces radical improvements in productivity.

Intelligent WriteBack (IWB) automates CRM data capture from any tool sellers use, to eliminate the need for manual logging. It can also capture data from approved non-CRM users, like members of your legal team or a reseller, to keep customer contacts up-to-date. IWB cleanses and enriches CRM data and contacts, for productivity gains of 15-20% (depending on the level of rigor we replace). IWB also helps clients comply with data privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA.

Using Intelligent WriteBack™, activities and contacts are automatically captured, cleansed, and updated while sellers work.

Some of the leaders in our network

Picture a world where all of the
challenges of selling…

are converted into advantages.


Experience productivity gains starting at 20%.


Forecast with 97%+ accuracy.


revenue growth
by 10-30%.


Launch within a month.

Every company is talking transformation.

We can help you transform your data into powerful insights powered by AI.

My CRM and/or my data is a mess. Can I still use Intelligent WriteBackTM and/or Collective[i]®?

Absolutely. At launch, Collective[i] will deploy our Intelligence DiagnosticTM. It unearths blind spots, missing contacts, and other legacy issues that have prevented you from getting the full value of your CRM investment. Then we’ll connect to the digital technologies your sales, marketing, and client success teams use to communicate with prospects and customers — forever fixing the data quality issues that have plagued CRM users for decades. Collective[i] ensures that, going forward, all the data we capture is clean, comprehensive, and accurate. We do this all without sacrificing productivity or taking time away from selling.

We’ve had adoption issues in the past. What change management is necessary for Collective[i] to be successful?

There is no change required to use Intelligent WriteBack and Intelligent ForecastTM — unless your team actually enjoys CRM data entry or “Forecast Fridays.” Sales professionals can carry on work while activities and contacts are automatically logged into your CRM. For Collective[i]’s more advanced features, we recommend you align your plans and processes with the optimization opportunities our application provides. This investment is well worth it. Digital sales transformation pays dividends by dramatically improving win rates, ROI, and buyer happiness.

What CRM and email providers do you support?

Collective[i] supports all major providers including SFDC, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Outlook, and GSuite. We also support other solutions, including on-premise and home-grown. Contact us to discuss your stack and how it will integrate with Collective[i].

Different divisions in my company use different instances and/or providers for CRM. Is that an issue?

Not a problem. Collective[i] can pull data from multiple CRM instances or providers. Your entire organization will have access to the same level of insights. They can also share knowledge and see where people across divisions are working with similar buyers. Collective[i] empowers everyone with AI-derived insights and critical sales intelligence, regardless of the tools in your sales stack.

What if I don’t have a CRM?

While the majority of our clients have a CRM, Collective[i] can function on its own for sales, client success, and marketing teams to gain insights from our network. Contact us for more information.

When is the right time to start digital sales transformation?

Yesterday. In today’s world, innovation waits for no one. Every industry and company is at risk for disruption — often from non-traditional competitors. It’s essential to bring immediate focus to modernizing how your sales team operates. While the idea of starting a digital sales transformation can be daunting, the opportunity cost of doing nothing far outweighs the effort of getting your sales organization up-to-speed.